Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Preaching to the choir of selves

I talk a lotta talk but I don't
walk a lotta walk,
I try to live to please You but I
just can't shake the awk..ward..

voice that nags and says "You know what?
maybe take your eyes off you;
fix 'em firmly back on Jesus and
remember…He loves you."

"He loves you when the going's good, when
all things come up Milhouse,
and just as much when things are grey,
and all you feel is s—house!"

"He knows you want to please Him
so remember that you do!
Now get out of your self-right funk
and go love others too…"


  1. Thanks, X19A, and welcome! I trust (despite your name) that you're not some sort of droid - but even if you were, I'm touched that my scrawl can move your metal soul!