Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bible Studies for Semester 2

I know earlier in the year I promised I'd put up the Bible Studies I was taking with Jeff for CU, but these never really eventuated. Sorry!

This semester hopefully will be different :)

Jeff Reddan & myself are conducting Bible Studies on Paul's first letter to Timothy, on Tuesday afternoons. We've got roughly 5 people or so that have said they can come (although we've not yet had them all at once!), and it promises to be a really great time.

Here's the first study as led by Jeff:

Week 1: False Teaching [PDF]

UPDATE: Jeff's provided me with some more material for this study. [ZIP]

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  1. Had a look at the week 1 slides... you guys are pretty organised! Looks great. I'm a little annoyed I have a class which clashes with your study; otherwise I'd come along.